Big Brother, the Whovian edition

Published August 24, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 91

Episodes watched:  12

Today’s Episode: Bad Wolf

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

The Episode begins with the Doctor, Rose, and Jack all being transmatted into game shows. Rose gets the Weakest Link, Jack gets Extreme Makeover and the Doctor ends up in a Big Brother house.

This is the Doctor’s reaction to being in the diary room on Big Brother..


Now we see a roommate get evicted from Big Brother, and that’s when the Doctor learns that you get killed when you get evicted due to a beam and, zap scattered into atoms. He manages to figure out that someone transported him there on purpose, so he damages a camera to get evicted. He manages to escape with Lydia.

Meanwhile Jack learns about the defabricator, and realizes that the robots are gonna kill him by doing wild surgery to him.


And Rose.. poor Rose.. learns that in the Weakest Link, you get killed by the Android that looks like Anne the show host, when you become the weakest link..

Weakest Link

The Doctor learns that they are on the Satellite 5, known as the Game Station, the same Satellite that he deactivated 100 years before back in the year 200,000. Also the name of the corporation that is running it is called “Bad Wolf”. He learns that once he stopped the transmissions, the Earth just stopped growing, and everyone just sat at home watching game shows that the Satellite transmitted.

Bad Wolf Corp

Jack manages to escape due to having a gun… well… someplace on him. Then he uses the defabricator to make an even bigger gun… and finds the Doctor. They then look for Rose, and find out that she’s with the Weakest Link.. and run as fast as they can to free her.

Rose manages to make it to the end, simply because another contestant realizes that she doesn’t know anything at all, and decides to keep her till the last round. Rose holds her own by answering a question correctly, but in the end, just as Jack and the Doctor manage find her, she gets killed, right before the Doctor’s eyes. Pure sadness fills it.. and  Jack, Lydia and the Doctor get arrested, mugshots taken and thrown into jail.

Mugshot II

A soldier tells them that they going to a penal colony for the rest of their lives, and when they are getting transferred, and he and Jack and Lydia escape… grab some guns and head up to floor 500. They then meet the controller.. during a solar flare, she manages to tel l the Doctor about her “masters” and that she is defying them by bringing him there.

Bad Wolf Controller

A person working at the game station mentions archive 6, and that it has information on the disintegration and transmat beams, and Jack gets inside and discovers the TARDIS!! Woot! He then uses his Tardis key to get inside and comes back to tell the Doctor that the disintegration beam is actually a transmat beam, and they work out the coordinates to see where Rose went, and lo we see a ton of spaceships, and the Doctor and Jack know exactly what they are.. DALEK SHIPS!

Then this convo happens, as a skype chat it seems..

DALEK #1The Dalek Stratagem nears completion. The Fleet is almost ready. You will not intervene. 

DOCTOR: Oh, really? Why’s that then? 

DALEK #1: We have your associate. You will obey or she will be exterminated. 

Rose, shaking, looks up at the Doctor on the screen.


As one, Jack, Lynda, the Male Programmer and the Female Programmer jerk their heads in his direction. Rose stares, mouth slightly open. What’s he doing?

DALEK #1(clearly not having anticipated this answer) Explain yourself. 

DOCTOR: I said ‘no’. 

DALEK #1What is the meaning of this negative?

DOCTORIt means ‘no’. 

DALEK #1But she will be destroyed. 

DOCTOR: (standing in his passion) No! ‘Cos this is what I’m gonna do – I’m gonna rescue her. 

Rose listens, the pride evident in her eyes. The others glance at him in awe.

DOCTOR: (true hero, fiery) I’m gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek Fleet, and then I’m gonna save the Earth, and then just to finish off, I’m gonna wipe every last STINKING Dalek outta the sky! 

DALEK #1: But you have no weapons! No defences! No plan! 

DOCTOR(grinning) Yeah. And doesn’t that scare you to death? Rose?

ROSE(eagerly) Yes, Doctor? 

DOCTOR: I’m coming to get you.

Bad Wolf Doctor and the Daleks

And Lo… we’ll see what happens tomorrow..



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