The One Where Everyone Flirts…

Published August 23, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 92

Episodes watched:  11

Today’s Episode: Boom Town

Writer:  Russell T. Davies

One thing I don’t get is why a lot of people don’t like this episode. I find it to be the funniest episode of season one.. due to the TONS of flirting going on. The Doctor and Jack, Doctor and Margaret, and Mickey and Rose.

It starts with Jack, the Doctor and Rose refueling in Cardiff, due to a rift in there. Mickey comes up from London to give rose her passport and start flirting.. and Jack gets a wee jealous and says this:

Doctor Flirting with Jack


So they decide to spend the day together.. before they do.. Mickey asks about the Tardis if anyone will notice it..

Mickey: Wait! Er, the TARDIS – we can’t just leave it. Doesn’t it get noticed?

Jack: Yeah, what’s with the police box? Why does it look like that? 

Rose: (complacently) It’s a cloaking device. 

Doctor: It’s called a chameleon circuit. The TARDIS is meant to disguise itself wherever it lands, like if this was Ancient Rome, it’d be a statue on a plinth or something. But I landed in the 1960s, it disguised itself as a police box, and the circuit got stuck. 

Mickey: So it copied a real thing? There actually was police boxes? 

Doctor: Yeah, on street corners. Phone for help before they had radios and mobiles. If they arrested someone, they could shove them inside until help came. Like a little prison cell.

Jack: (leaning towards him) Why don’t you just fix the circuit? 

Doctor: I like it! Don’t you? 

Rose: (patting it for emphasis) I LOVE it.

Mickey: (grinning, thinks he has proved a point) But that’s what I meant! There’s no police boxes anymore, so doesn’t it get noticed? 

Doctor: Ricky, let me tell you something about the Human Race. You put a mysterious blue box slap bang in the middle of town and what do they do? 

He puts his hands on Mickey’s shoulders. Mickey open his mouth to reply, but doesn’t get a chance.

Doctor: Walk past it. Now stop your nagging, let’s go and explore!

So they all go out for lunch.. laughing and talking and having a great time.. until the Doctor sees a newspaper with…

Boom Town Why hello there

OMG! It the Alien from WWIII! And lo they decide to visit her office. Before they do.. Jack sets them up with this plan..

They enter and go up the steps into the entrance hall as though they own the place. They stop and glance around at their surroundings.

Jack: According to intelligence, the target is the last surviving member of the Slitheen family, a criminal sect from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorious, masquerading as a human being, zipped inside a skin suit. Okay, plan of attack, we assume a basic fifty seven/fifty six strategy, covering all available exits on the ground floor. Doctor, you go face-to-face, that’ll designate Exit One, I’ll cover Exit Two, Rose, you’re Exit Three, Mickey Smith, you take Exit Four. Have you got that? 

While Jack is rattling all this off, the Doctor is eyeing him with mild surprise at his impertinence, Rose’s face is contorted with the effort of understanding what on earth he’s going on about, and Mickey just looks plain confused.

Doctor: (sternly) Excuse me. Who’s in charge? 

Jack: Sorry. Awaiting orders, sir.  
Doctor: (voice deepening with authority) Right. Here’s the plan. (a pause. He beams) Like he said. Nice plan.

So the Doctor goes to the office, to annouce himself, when lo.. she deicies to climb out the window instead..

And the chase is on! Margaret jumps down off the balcony and puts some jewelery she has together to transport her away.. but the doctor uses his sonic to bring her back..

Boom Town Gang

So they all go back to Margaets office and discover the Blaidd Drwg project that she was working on.. and the tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator. Doctor looks at Rose when he realizes that Blaidd Drwg means ‘Bad Wolf’ and they have been seeing those words through their adventures. They decide then to arrest Margaret due to her plans to explode the earth with the nuclear power plant and take her back to the Tardis to take her home.

Then she announces that if she goes home, it will mean death for her, and BAM this episode turns from a fun story to a sad deep story. Then the Doctor decides to take her on her last request to a restaurant, whilst Rose and Mickey go out an a date as well leaving Jack with the tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator, hooking it up to the Tardis to make their re-fueling stop quicker.

So Margaret tries to kill the doctor several times that evening, whilst testing his knowledge of the females of her species he was quite funny thwarting it, as you can see when she tried to blow poison in in his face..

Boom Town spray flirting

Then suddenly an earthquake! Everyone in the gang minus Mickey the Idiot runs back to the Tardis to see this happening…

Rift Opens

It turns out that the tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator was soaking up energy from the Tardis, and was gonna then expode the earth, but keeping whomever was on the board safe.. and thus Margaret uses Rose as a pawn to get the board. Doctor agrees, and then out of the blue a glowing light appeared. The heart of the Tardis, which Rose noticed as well… was glowing and gave Margaret her final wish.. to become an egg. The gang then wraps it up and takes her back home..

Margaret the Egg

A lot of people don’t like this episode. I love it, as it just has so many good interactions, and it is not a filler episode like Love and Monsters, since it sets up the last episode of the season… so it is needed. Davies did a great job playing up the interaction between the characters, and expanding their personalities. Also, it reinforces the love between Doctor and Rose and Jack.. whist sadly leaving poor Mickey behind, since he just doesn’t seem to go with the flow like everyone else does.. yet.

Boom Town Rax picture


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