Who knew Aliens Farted So Much?

Published August 17, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 98

Episodes watched:  5

Today’s Episode: World War III

Writer: Russell T Davies

When we last left the Doctor, he was getting electrocuted. Thanks to his two hearts, he managed to thwart the Aliens, by electrocuting one of them, thus electrocuting those that were attacking Rose and Harriet as well as the one that was attacking Rose’s mum, Jackie. Cliffhanger OVER!

Then he ends up in the cabinet room, and manages to get the aliens to do what he wants by pointing his sonic at some wine and stating that he will triplicate the flammability of it!

Word War Three Sonic

Sadly the aliens see right through it… oh well. Whilst discussing what to do, Harriet, Rose and the Doctor decide to drink the wine… and we discover that Nine and wine don’t get along…

World War 3 Wine

Then with many twists and turns we realize the Aliens want the nuclear codes, and the super scared UN gives them up to the new Prime Minister, not realizing that he is an ALIEN IN DISGUISE!

Luckily the Doctor saves the day by having a regular olde missile hit 10 Downing Street with the help of Mickey the Idiot, and Rose’s Superphone and thus.. BANG crisis over.

After that.. the Doctor feeds Rose this panty dropping line…

Doctor: Well, you can stay there if you want. But right now there’s this plasma storm brewing in the Horsehead Nebula. Fires are burning, ten million miles wide. I could fly the Tardis right into the heart of it, then ride the shock wave all the way out. Hurtle right across the sky, and end up anywhere. Your choice.

How could someone not follow the Doctor after being fed a line like that? No wonder Rose goes straight to her room to start packing! More adventures to come!!


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