Aliens are Real?

Published August 16, 2013 by joscasta

Days left till the 50th: 99

Episodes watched:  4

Today’s Episode: Aliens of London

Writer: Russell T Davies

This is the first two parter of NuWho, Aliens of London.

We begin with the Doctor getting the flight really off by first telling Rose, that she’s been gone 12 hours. Then once she sees her mum, yeah, it’s been 12 months. Big whoops.  She realizes she can’t tell her mum where she’s been. Who would believe her? She gives this awesome speech about it..

Rose: Every conversation with you just goes mental. There’s no one else I can talk to. I’ve seen all that stuff up there. The size of it. And I can’t say a word. Aliens and spaceships and things. And I’m the only person on planet Earth who knows they exist.

 {A spaceship screams by overhead.}

Oh, that’s not fair.

Aliens of London


aliens 2

Not too soon after the crash we meet Harriet Jones, The first time I saw this was after I had seen Downton Abbey, so I was quite surprised to see Penelope Wilton here, in such a great role! I learned a wee bit about how the British government works after watching this show.. as I had no idea what an MP was, as all I knew was that there was a House of Lords and Members of Parliament.

So, the Aliens are already here? What about the body from the water? As Tosh explains..

Space Pig

We are left with a stunning cliffhanger, as the Doctor gets electrocuted, Rose’s mum gets attacked in her apartment, and Rose and Harriet are also getting attacked in Parliament… till tomorrow!


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