124 Days.. WHOOPS!

Published July 23, 2013 by joscasta

Well… looks like I made an error. I’m way off on my start date to begin this countdown. Turns out that its 124 days till the 50th Anniversary,  not 104 days.  It is however, 104 days until daylight savings… which is the countdown on my phone that I was looking at. I realized this error when I was entering dates into my gigantic cheat sheet listing all the episodes of NuWho trying to figure out which episode fell on my birthday. So the actual start date of the countdown will begin August 13th, instead of Wednesday.

Lo, never fear because after this past weekend with the San Diego Comic Con, there was tons of news to report..

First off, Matt Smith was not the only person in the Whoverse to shave their head recently.  Karen Gilligan who played Amy Pond did so herself! She did this for a role in a Marvel film. So, now she’s not ginger anymore.. we’ll see how it grows back..


Matt Smith actually admitted he made a mistake about leaving… to a darling little girl. Last year this little girl was there too, asking this question to Matt Smith made me start watching Doctor Who with this picture.. to see a little kid afraid of the weeping angels made me want to know more about the show.


Matt also made a great gripe saying “I’m not dead yet”.. to which Moffat the show runner who’s writing the Christmas episode that has yet to be filmed said.. “I’m only on page 22. It’s coming!”. It was revealed that the catchphrase “Come along Pond” was Matt’s invention, as he loved calling Karen, “Pond”, and Moffat just ran with the theme of doing that.  Also, a fan requested Moffat to go easy on the fans after having dealt with the Ponds last year. *face palm* HAHAHAHAHAHA…

Also this picture occurred at some point…


I’m sure Moffat is calling the BBC to apologize for making Matt regenerate too soon.

Then the worst thing ever happened during the panel on Sunday. Moffat showed a trailer for the 50th Anniversary. I’m sure it will show up online eventually but… the Brits should have had a first shot at seeing the trailer, not a bunch of mostly American fans in California. That was possibly the rudest crulest thing that he has ever done to us fans, and here we are over 24 hours later and this trailer has not yet been leaked. I am quite aware that Moffat threated the audience against filming the trailer and putting it online that no other exclusives would be shown. However the people of England and the British Isles PAY his salary as the BBC is suplimented by their tax dollars, thus they should have had the first shot at watching it. Heck they could have shown it at the Proms last week. OY! So all we get for the time being is 3 photos… that pretty much all look like this…


Finally, the “12” Doctor has not yet been cast yet according to Moffat. That man lies so much, no wonder Rule One was established under his reign.

So, anyway.. in the meantime until August 13th.. I’ll write here and there… getting more geared up and prepped for this nightly marathon.. gathering pictures and quotes and keeping on top of everything Whovian in the meantime.


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