106 Days left…

Published July 20, 2013 by joscasta

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The plan is simple. When day 102 starts.. as there are currently 102 episodes of “NuWho”.. I shall begin with watching ‘Rose’ the first episode that brought Doctor Who back on the air after a very long hiatus, with one episode a day and blog about it. Since I’m only a fairly new Whovian, having only begun my addiction to this show just last November.. it feels strange still having to wait for a new episode. I know that I will be watching the 50th Anniversary whilst sipping on a sonic screwdriver at my new favorite bar.. the 42 lounge.

I just know that this journey will be fantastic.. and extremely ambitious endeavor as I’m quite aware of the two part episodes (ONE A DAY!) and the desire to watch more than one episode, as I will be watching using Netflix and Amazon, well as skipping over the horrible episodes will make this difficult.

I’m really gonna put forth an effort, and I realize that by writing a blog, will help me stay accountable as well as on task to keep going, watching all the episodes of Season 1 to 7, along with the Christmas Specials, and the Tennant Specials.

So.. relax.. enjoy and feel free to comment about each episode as they come up for discussion, as this begins on July 24th!


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